Robert Arnborg


Robert Arnborg is a Bass-Baryton singer. During his studies in music in Malmö, Sweden, he was one of the founders of the singing trio called The Brandy Bunch, a group where he arranged and performed music from The Great American Songbook.

Robert is well-versed in performing live on stage. He has a very distinct low baryton voice and is classically trained in both Operatic singing and Jazz. He has studied a wide variety of different acting techniques such as Meisner Technique, Method Acting and Keith Johnston improvisation in Stockholm.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and Arts from the music academy in Malmö.

Robert Arnborg has done voice acting work in his own films and his latest voice acting work was in the stop-motion animated game "Stinkande Minnen" by Mimi Fürst. He is also the founder of Max Robert Studios.


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